Protection & Prevention

Fiber Protection

Professional strength fiber protectors do an excellent job of allowing a spill to remain on the surface of the fibers for a limited window of time (10-15 minutes) to allow for spill removal. The additional benefit is better soil removal during vacuuming. Protectors do not last forever. They should be re-applied to your rugs after a professional cleaning, or after a couple of years of foot traffic. We are happy to apply protector to your rugs. Just ask for a quote!

Moth Treatment

If you suspect wool moths in your rugs, have us come out and inspect. We’re happy to contain and remove any infested rugs, and will assist you in determining the best course of action to eradicate them from your home. Sometimes this means hiring a pest control company.
Once your rugs have been treated for the moths and washed, our repair team will inspect for any damage and will contact you with a repair quote. Once all the work is complete, we will apply a preventative moth treatment.

Rug Padding

Rug pads help extend the life of your rug. They absorb wear from footsteps, help keep rugs from suddenly shifting under foot, and filter gritty soil away from your floors. If your current rug pads are 3-5 years old or more, it’s time to replace them. More often if they become pet urine damaged.

Storage & Wrapping

Rugs cleaned with us must be picked up or returned within 60 days from the date of completion of service. Anything left longer than 60 days will incur a $20.00 per rug monthly storage fee unless storage arrangements have been made with us in advance. All rugs placed into storage at Naples Rug Washing Company will first need to be washed, treated with a moth repellant, and wrapped.


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We Do More Than Just Wash Rugs

Naples Rug Washing Company not only washes your rugs, we also offer advanced services to repair and protect your rugs to extend their life and beauty.

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Do you have pets?

Our Pet Urine Barrier Rug Pad includes a Moisture Barrier designed to keep pet urine from ruining your hardwood and other floors.